England (possibly near Derbyshire, England or Odell, Bedfordshire, Lincoln, England; brother John born here)
31 Jul 1609
Derbyshire, England
16 Aug 1675
Concord, Middlesex, Ma
27 Mar 1645
Concord, Middlesex, Ma
                   Ancestral File Number: 4JF3-WM
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Passenger and Immigration Lists1500-1900
Name:    Baptist Smedley
Year:    1639
Place:    New England
Source Publication Code:    1936
Primary Immigrant:    Smedley, Baptist
Robert, of Charlestown, 1634. In Gen. Court 1636. Wife Katharine; ch.
John b. 13 (7) 1637,Elizabeth b. 7 (7) 1640. Suit brought against
against him by Wm. Tuttle in 1637. [W.]   The widow m. in 1645  Baptist
John, ae. 22, servant of Peter Noyce, came in the Confidence April 24,
1638. Settledat Sudbury; propr. 1640. He contracted with the selectmen
Feb. 17, 1642, to"sett, sawe, hew & frame" a house; [for the use of
BUTTER, cont.  the minister?] He m. Nov. 1, 1641, Elizabeth Plimton; ch.
Elizabeth b. 6 (8) 1642, Johnb. Feb. 9, 1645, Rebecca b. 28 (12) 1647.
In 1675 Baptist Smedley had a gr. ch. Jabish (Jabez) Rutor.
History of Fairfield, CT
Babtist Smedley was in Concord 1639, and made freeman 1644.  His children
were Samuel b 1646, Mary andJames.  He d Aug 1675, aged 68 years.  His d
Mary m. Dec 10, 1667, Isaac Shepard.  Son Samuel was killed by Indians
Aug 2 at Quaboag.  John Smedley I ofConcord probably brother of the
above was a freeman in 1644.  His children were John and probably
John Smedley 2, son of John I of Concord wasa freeman 1667.  He ma Sarah
d. of thomeas Wheeler in 1669.
Samuel of Fairfeild 1690 may have been s. of 1st John- Savage's Gen. Dic.
Col James Smedley ofFairfeild m Jane Sturges Oct 20 1731.  Their
children were James b 25 June 1732 and d 6 July 1736, John b 11 Nov 1734
and d 10 June 1786, Abigail b 28 May 1737; James b 4 July 1739 and d 25
July 1755- Mrs Jane Smedley d 21 Sept 1747.  Col James Smedley again
Married Mary the widow of Ebenezer Diimon and daughter of John Burr 4 Jan
1748.  Their Children Samuel b 5 March 1753. Col James Smedley d 4 Nov
1771 aged 67 years.  He was a brave and prominent military officer for
many years.  Col James Smedley, Mrs Jane Smedley and Mrs Mary Smedley
with his son James rest in the Fairfield Burial Hill Cemetery.
Capt Samuel Smedley son of Col James Smedley and Esther Rowland daughter
of David Rowland Esqr were m 9 April 1771- Fairfield Record, Births and
Marriages.  Their children were Esther bapt 5 NOv 1771 and Elizabeth bapt
10 Aug 1774- Fairfield Parish Record.  Captain Smedley was an active and
brave officer during the War of the Revolution.

"son of Francis Smedlie" The name of Baptize Smeedly appears on thelist of Freemen of May 29, 1644.
Katherine HUTSON
of Concord, Massachusetts
22 Nov 1679
Concord, Middlesex, Ma
                   Ancestral File Number: 4JF3-XS
REFN: 146
Katherine also sometimes spelled Catharine
HUTSON also spelled HUTSOUN.

She was previously married to Robert Shorthus or Shorthose who lived inCharlestown during the time period 1634-1638. The name Shorthouse iscommon in English records during the 1500's and 1600's. This nameoccurs near where the Smedley's grew up and it is possible thatKatherine knew Baptist Smedley earlier before she left England. It isalso possible that Baptist Smedley, upon his arrival in America, wentfirst to Charlestown and met her and her husband there.?The NEGH Register for October 1935 has an article about a letter from awoman in Hempstead, New York to her attorney in Charlestown,Massacusetts concerning the disposal of a house there, The house wasowned by Dr. Thomas Starr and passed through inheritance to his widowRachael Starr. The letter, written September 5, 1666, says to "SellStarr house or let it out for rent...lett my Aunt Smedley have the refusalof it, for if shee will give anything likely I had rather shee had it ratherthan another..."
27 Mar 1646
Concord, Middlesex, Ma
2 Aug 1675
Quaboag, Massachusetts; by Indians
11 Jul 1667
Concord, Massachusetts 
                   His birth record in Concord says "Samuell Sonne of Babtist andKatherine Smedley, the 7, 4 mo. 1648." Samuel Smedley was killed byIndians at Quabaug, near Brookfield, Massachusetts August 2, 1675. Thiswas during King Phillip's War and Captain Thomas Wheeler, Samuel'swife's uncle, had raised a small force of about 20 men from the Concordarea to escort a group that was to negotiate with Indians in the areawith the hope of securing and end to hostilities in the region. The forcereached Brookfield and attempted to find the Indians at a pre-arrangedsite about five miles from Brookfield. When they did not find them, theymarched further and were ambushed near a swamp by a force estimatedto number from between 200-300 Indians. Eight men, Samuel Smedleyincluded, fell quickly and were later buried in an obscure grave that hasnever been located.??After Samuel's death, there was an inventory placed on file at theProbate Records of the Town of Concord by the administrator of SamuelSmedley. Among the articles specified in this inventory are "2 horseslost in the Country's sarvice. 06,0,0" and "2 horses was kild with him atthe ffight at quapoge."
7 Jun 1648
Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
10 Dec 1667
                   REFN: 568
Concord, Massachusetts
18 Jul 1717
                   REFN: 279
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Baptist Smedley - Katherine Hutson

Baptist Smedley was born at England (possibly near Derbyshire, England or Odell, Bedfordshire, Lincoln, England; brother John born here) 1597. His parents were Francis (Smeadlie) Smedley and Ellen .

He married Katherine Hutson 27 Mar 1645 at Concord, Middlesex, Ma . Katherine Hutson was born at of Concord, Massachusetts 1624 .

They were the parents of 3 children:
Samuel Smedley born 27 Mar 1646.
Mary Smedley born 7 Jun 1648.
James Smedley born 1650.

Baptist Smedley died 16 Aug 1675 at Concord, Middlesex, Ma .

Katherine Hutson died 22 Nov 1679 at Concord, Middlesex, Ma .