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This is a list of terms and conditions that apply to all who choose to use our services. FamilyCentral is a company that provides internet services including database searches, family history websites, and family history research services.If you don't agree with any of the following you should discontinue using the service.


FamilyCentral is not a subscription service. You will not be automatically renewed. You will instead receive a notification when your annual membership has expired. You or another family member can renew or upgrade your membership at any time from any of the websites related to your database.

Family Database

After creating a client account you are able to upload a data file to our FamilyCentral servers. Your file will be kept separate from other client files. The file and the data it contains can only be edited by you and those that you authorize. Your data will be indexed and key portions will be included in the main FamilyCental database. Information on living individuals is not included. This data can then be searched by extended family members. Source images and profile pictures linked to your ancestors may also be viewed when searching the FamilyCentral database. These items can be excluded from viewing if they are marked as 'private' in a Family Website.

Family Websites

Family Websites are generally based on an ancestral family. The user that sets up the site becomes the administrator. The administrator decides whether to make the site public or private. Public websites can be viewed but not edited by other FamilyCentral users. Users can request membership rights. The administrator can grant increased access privileges to any FamilyCentral user. If site users are granted editing rights they too, can invite other family members and grant them access privileges.

Private websites can only be viewed by the administrator and those he invites. Others have to request permission before gaining access. FamilyCentral will not be held responsible for any changes made by users.

Multiple Websites

Websites can be created from any person in your database. By upgrading to higher membership levels you can create more websites. This allows you to create a Network of family websites that includes any or all branches of your ancestry.

Uploading Items

Features of your Family Websites allow you, and those you assign, to upload items, including pictures, scanned documents, and HTML documents. By uploading documents you are indicating that you have permission to do so, that you are not in infringement of existing copyright laws, and that you agree to these standards which are to be enforced by the database administrator.


Scanned Documents

HTML documents

Use of contributed content

As a user, you agree to use content from FamilyCental for private use, not for any commercial purposes.

Conduct on FamilyCentral Websites

You agree not to use FamilyCentral to:

Third Party Software

FamilyCentral makes no warranty for third party software or online applications that may be incorporated into the functions of the websites.


Whenever a data file is checked out for editing a current version of the file is saved on the server. Versions can also be saved manually. The database administrator manages these files. The database can be rolled back to any of these versions.

Regular backups are made of all client databases and websites.


Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties. It will not be displayed on any public websites . Only limited information will be displayed to family members on your websites.


Third party advertising will not appear on your websites. FamilyCentral may from time-to-time make you aware of additional features or services offered by our company.

These terms may be updated at any time.

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Update 1 Jan 2014