Cumbria, England
Roxdale Estate, Henrico, Virginia
Abt 1690
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                   1. . Ralph Blankinship, Sr. was born 1662 in probably Cambria, England,
and died 1714 in Roxdale, Henrico Co., VA. He married MARTHA (last name
unknown) about 1690 in Henrico Co., Virginia.  Charles and Hannah were
neighbors of Ralph Blankenship who lived just north of Conjurer's Neck
and Swift Creek, Virginia. This same Hannah Wilson later married another
neighbor Edward Stanley following her first husband's death. After
Hannah's death Edward Stanley married Martha Blankenship in 1716
following the death of her first husband Ralph Blankenship who died in
2. " Richard Kennon petitioned for 8,000 acresfor importing 90 white
persons and seventy negroes in 1686 and 1687, Ralph Blenkship, was named
as one of those imported.   (Gayle King Blankenship's book"Blankenship
Ancestors")The first reference to Ralph Blankship appears April1, 1690,
Henrico Order Book 1678-1693, page 326.  I have copies of the original,
and of the handwritten copy made during the Revolutionary period. The
entry reads:  Upon the peticon of Rich'd Kennon these may certify that
thereis due unto him eight thousand acres of land for ye inportacon of
ninety servts. into this colony whose names are under written & for
seventy persons morebeing negroes, the same being legally prov'd by his
oath in open court. Thename Ralph Blankship appears as the 68th name on
a list of 90 persons."
DonBlankenship db-email@earthlink.net
3. "We know that on June 16, 1714 Ralph BLANKSHIP was named as head right
of Capt. Henry Harrison & Philip Ludwell for land they claimed in Surry
and Isle of Wight. (Patent. 10:165).
The Isle of Wright, Virginia is a small village 17.5 miles WSW of
Newport News, VA. Surryis another village 17.5 miles NNW of Isle of
Wright. It is very close to Jamestown and is about 32 miles from where
Ralph BLANKINSHIP first homesteaded inHenrico County, VA. The Isle of
Write is about 45 miles southeast of Ralph'soriginal homestead. The
legal court document shows that Ralph was being claimed as a person whose
sea transportation from Europe (England) was paid for by Capt. Henry
Harrison and Philip Ludwell. The Virginia colony law at the time allowed
anyone who paid for the
transportation of another person to Virginia could claim the right (head
right) to possession of 50 acres of land as their reward for bringing
that person to America. If this claim for land was valid, and not a
fraudulent claim, it would mean that Capt. Henry Harrison and Philip
Ludwell, had, in fact, paid for Ralph's return voyage from England to
America. Did Ralph sense that his death was imminent circa 1713 and want
tomake a trip to his homeland just before he died? Did the debt Ralph
incurrednear the time of his death result from his having to pay for one
leg of his voyage to Europe. No one has ever answered this question which
I now leave foryou. " Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
4.  "Apr 1695 Henrico Co. VA Will & Deed Book (1688-1697), p. 577, Ralph
Blankinship deposition states about33 years of age"Don Blankenship
said deceased estate in due form to be administered by Martha
Blankinship, Charles Clay, and Richard Blankenship." Don Blankenship
6.  "May 1714 Henrico Co.VA Will & Deed Book (1710-1714), p. 258, Martha
Blankinship, widow of Ralphpresented estate's inventory"
7.  "1715 Henrico Co. Orphans Court Martha widowof Ralph reports on
children Ralph, John, and James" Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
Abt 1660
                   1." We don't know when Martha (wife of Ralph Blankinship the immigrant)
was born as there has never been a birth record found. We also don't know
her parents. It is possible she was born about 1660 and that she was the
daughter ofCharles Clay (1636-1686) and Hannah Wilson (1642-1706) but it
cannot yet be proven. This information is based on the fact that two of
the Clay brothers who also were children of Charles and Hannah appeared
on the death inventory and will of Ralph Blankinship and Martha's second
husband Edward Stanley. Thiswould have been properly done to protect
Martha's dowry if her brothers had been witnesses to Martha's husband's
wills or death inventory. It's only circumstantial evidence, but its
certainly possible. If this was the case then Edward Stanly would have
married Hannah Wilson (the mother) after Charles Clay died in 1686, She
married Edward Stanley in 1690 and died 16 years later in 1706. Edward
Stanley then remained a widower until 1716 when he married Martha,the
former wife of Ralph Blankenship. Just conjecture based on circumstantial
evidence. This Clay family lived right next to Ralph Blankenship just
north of Swift Creek." Don
2. "I ran across a web site several years ago (and have lost the address
thereto) that claimed his wife was Martha HATCHER, daughter of Henry and
Anne (Lound) Hatcher.  I have since found several Hatcher websites that
repeat this information, although without citing a source.  I recently
ran across the book, Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. II, Cobb-Hay,
which has a discussion of the Hatcher family beginning on page 870.  On
page 871, there is a discussion of the will of Henry Hatcher, wherein
childrenHenry, William, Mary, Ann, and Matthew are named.  No Martha.
However, Anne(Lound) Hatcher's father, Henry Lound, was named the
children's guardian in1678 and Henry Lound's will mentions grandchildren
Henry Hatcher, Ann Ward, Mary Tanner, and Martha Blanks.  Based on other
info presented, Henry, Ann, and Mary were definitely children of Henry
and Anne Hatcher.  Who was this Martha?  And does Blanks equal
Blankenship?  I have been unable to confirm the identity of this Martha
or the identification of Ralph Blankenship's wife as Martha Hatcher."
Rodney Marsh rmarsh@scsengineers.com
3. "Book 12 page 15:  Martha Blankenship 250 acres on South side of James
River, bordering land of Henry Walthal for 20 shillings and importation
of one person  9 Jul 1724" BettyCarson BeejC1@aol.com
Abt 1691
Henrico, Virginia
Apr 1745
Henrico, Virginia
                   1714 William Blankenship fully documented in the Maryland Prerogative
Court records in the year 1714. This is
no doubt the son of Ralph and Martha who wasthen 125 miles north of
his home in Henrico Co., VA.
He was in Ann Arundel County were Annapolis is located on the
Chesapeake. It is reasonable to
assume that William was an adult at this time which means he was at
least 21years of age. Subtract
21from 1714 and we get 1693 as a possible birth date for him. He has
always been recorded in
genealogy records as born in 1695 and that simply cannot be -
because in 1714 he would only have
been 19. Why was he was in Maryland? Was it because he was en route
to Marion, Massachusetts to
meet with English friends he or his family formerly knew in England,
or had perhaps known at some
previous time in Virginia.  Lets temporarily givea birth date to
William Blankenship, son of Ralph and
Martha, as 1691.
From Don B. donblank@earthlink.net
1736, Henrico Co., VA
Blankenship, William
Virginia Colonial Abstracts  vol. 21 Henrico Co., 1736
Page #7, William Blankenship dr 1736 one levy store debt, Mr Cary's
debt pd by  Joesph Blankenship
Page #10, Joseph Blankenship. Dr. 1736. 2 Levys "To Q-rents 300acres
Ld perStanley". Store debt.
Mr. Cary's debt L1.17.6. "To your order for Wm Blankenship". Pd
by cash and an Inspector's note.
from DotBeDot@aol.com
1744, Henrico Co., VA, Patent Title
Blankenship, Willm
Land Office Patents No. 22, 1743-1745, p. 70 (Reel 20).
16 June 1744, 400 acres beginning &c. parting ThomasJones and
Robert Cole,
thence &c, crossing Wintopock Creek.
From DonBlankenship db-email@earthlink.net
1745, Henrico Co., VA
Blankenship, William
Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA, Part 2, pg. 20. Weisiger.
"William Blankinship of Dale Parish, planter. To son Ralph, 200
acres on both sides of Wintopock Creek,
part of survey of 400 acres (patent not yet come from the office),
also after death of my wife Mary 100
acres and plantation where I now live, being part      of a larger
tract belonging to Thomas Man, Sr.. To John
Man, son of said Thomas Man, 200 acres, being the rest of my patent,
provided Man make over to my son
Ralph the land where I live. To daughters Mary Blankinship, Wilmoth
Blankinship, and Frances Blankinship,
livestock and items.All the rest to wife Mary, who is to be
Dated 29 October 1744 Witnesses: William Herringham, Francis Man,
John Johnson
Recorded April 1745."from Nel Hatcher nelhatch@rapidnet.com
Abt 1693
Henrico, Virginia
Aft 1768
Goochland, Virginia
                   Richard would have been at least 21 years of age when he acted as
security for Martha in 1714.  This means he was born before 1693.
Abt 1695
Henrico, Virginia
Nov 1754
Chesterfield, Virginia
                   1. This line from Sharon Sue Blankenship Altice     MrsLady002@aol.com
1736, Henrico Co., VA
Blankenship, Ralph Jr.
Virginia Colonial Abstracts  vol. 21Henrico Co., 1736
Page #8, Ralph Blankenship Dr.  1736 two levies 100 acres, store
debt. Levies pd by Col. Kennon
Q-rents and store debt pd by cash.
Page #38, Col'o Wil'm Kennon. Dr 1736... to yr son Mr Richd Kennon's
Levys. Toyr Son Mr Wm Kennon
Acct...To yr order to Ralph Blankenship
from DotBeDot@aol.com
1739, Amelia Co., VA, Patent Title
Blankenship, Ralph Son of Ralph Blankinship Sr. & Martha ?
Land Office Patents No. 18, 1738-1739, p. 463 (Reel 16).
22 September 1739, 318 acres between the branches of Knibs Creek and
the branches of Smacks Creek,
adjoining the lines of Bradby and others.
From Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
1754 Chesterfield Co., VA
Will bk.1  Admitted 8 Nov 1754
In the name of God amen I Ralph Blankinship of Chesterfield being of
sick and weak, but of perfect mind
and memory do make this to be my last will and testament in manner
and form following )  First I giveand
bequeath my soul to God that gave it in hope of  his acceptance
thereofthrough the Merritts of Christ my
Savior and my body  to the yearth from whence it was taken to be
buried by the discresion of my Executor.
Item I give and bequeath to my son, Ephraim the land and plantation he
now lives on containing on hundred acres
more or less to him and his heirs forever and one shilling sterling.
Item  I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, theplantation I
now live on during her natural life or
widow hood and after her decease to my son, Jeremiah, and his heirs
forever and if Jeremiah should
die before he come of age then the land to fall to my son, William
and his heirs.
Item  I give to my beloved wife the fether bed and furniture that she
call her own to be at her own disposall at her
Item   I give to myson, Francis, one cow and calf.
Item   I give my son, Fredrick, one bed and furniture as it now stands.
Item   I give to Matthew one bed and furniture as itnow stands.  My will
is that if my son, Fredrick, should die before
he beof lawful age that Jeremiah shall have his bed.
Item   I give to my son, John,one shilling sterling.
Item   I give to my son, Ralph, one shill: sterling.
Item   I give to my son, William, one shill: sterling.
Item   My will is thatmy beloved wife, Elizabeth, shall have possession
of and enjoy of all the remainder of my Estate
not before given away during her natural life or widowhood and at
her death or marriage to be equally divided
betwixt Matt, Fredrick, and Jeremiah.
Item   I give to my daughter, Sarah Cobb, one shill.
ItemMy will is that my Estate shall not be appraised.  I also appoint
my son, William Blankinship, my hole and
sole Executor of this my last will revoking anddisanulling all
wills heretoffore by me made. In witness
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 20th day of
September 1754.
Ralph (X)Blankinship, Jr. Signed sealed and delivered in presence
of: Elizabeth (X) Blankenship
John Ward,William Wilson
3. "The WILL of Ralph Blankenship dated about March 1759 and presented by
Ephraim Blankenship, executor.
This Ephraim is presumably the oldest son of Ralph Blankenship, Jr.
(1695-1754) . Ephraim would have to
have been of legal age to present the will in Court and therefore
his date of birth would have to have been
some time prior to 1738.  The WILL was proved by James Farmer and
William Hatcher who presumably
wereneighbors. The appraisers of his estate were William Adkins,
Mark Farmer, Charles Cayce and Robert
Cayce who also must have been neighbors" Don Blankenship
Chesterfield, Virginia
9 Apr 1754
Chesterfield, Virginia
Abt 1728
Chesterfield, Virginia 
                   1736, Henrico Co., VA
Blankenship, John
Virginia Colonial Abstracts  vol. 21 Henrico Co., 1736
Page #8, John Blankenship Dr. 1736 one levy 100 acres, store debt.
pd by cash from you and 51 pounds
tobo from James     Blankenship.
Blankenship, Jos (John)
Page #19, Henry Hudson Dr 1736..."By an Inspector'snote in Jos
Blankenships name for 200 lb tobo"...
from DotBeDot@aol.com
1746, Henrico Co., VA, Patent Title
Blankenship, John
Land Office Patents No.24, 1745-1746, p. 377 (Reel 22).
28 August 1746, 227 acres adjoining the landof Gilbert Ealom and
Thomas More.
From Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
1748, Henrico Co., VA, Patent Title
Blankinship, John
Land OfficePatents No. 27, 1748-1749, p. 55 (Reel 25).
1 December 1748, 372 acres adjoining, the land of Gilbert Elam Clary
&c thence
&c, on the South side the run of Deep Creek.
From Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
1751, Will ofJohn Blankenship:
To son WIlliam, 128 acres, the plantation he now lives on,next to
Gilbert Elam and Thomas Moore
To son Joseph, the remainder of the survey above, 110 acres.
To my three sons Isham, Hudson, and Henry, 372 acres onDeep Creek,
equally divided
To my two youngest sons Norvell and Matthew, land I live on, 200
acres, equally divided.  Matthew to
have plantation
To daughter Amy Turner, 5 shillings
To daughter Elizabeth Morrisett, 5 shillings
To wife Elizabeth, 1/2 of personal estate, and rest to be divided
equally between Joseph, Hudson, Henry,
Norvell, and Matthew
Wife and son William to beexecutors, Dated 9 April 1751
Witnesses: Ephraim Blankenship, Ann Blankenship,John Ward.
1754, John d. Dec. 1754 Chesterfield will (WB 1:161( m. ElizabethHudson,
d/o William Hudson. Eliz. and son Wm.
were Exors. with Henry Walthass and Joseph Blankenship, Securities.
( OB2:24). Elizabeth d. after
4-29-1772 deposition in Chesterfield, age 85, filed in Henry Co.
Folder 66 Determined Papers 1788-9
concerning 2 Indians taken as servants by Henry Clay, now dec`d.
John owned 800 ac. land in Henrico
1746. BFH listed another son, Elishawho had son Barnette in Rev.
War; Barnette went to Rutherford Co. N.C.
Elisha was a grandson, s/o Isham Sr. Children (John`s will named
all; deeds; Chesterfield OB2: BFH 207)
1780, Bedford Co., VA, Grant Title
Blankenship, Hudson Son of John Blankenship & Elizabeth Hudson
Land Office Patents E, 1775-1776,1780-1781 (v.2 p.463-930), p. 180
(Reel 46).
20 July 1780, 170 acres on branches of Rock Castle Creek.
From Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
Howard White HWhite4425@aol.com , Has middle name as Buck.
Abt 1699
Henrico, Virginia
23 May 1749
Chesterfield, Virginia
                   1. This line from  Karen Blankenship Hoagland     khoag@gte.net
1736, Henrico Co., VA
Blankenship, James
Virginia Colonial Abstracts  vol. 21 Henrico Co., 1736
Page #8, John Blankenship Dr. 1736 one levy 100 acres, store debt.
pd by cash from you and 51
pounds tobo from James Blankenship.
Page #8, JamesBlankenship Dr. 1736 one levy 50 acres to Mr Cary "to
your brother Jno Levy"
"to do his store debt",  pd by cash and by inspector note.
from DotBeDot@aol.com
1748, Chesterfield Co., VA,
Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA 1737-1781,
Abstracted by Benjamin B. Weisiger III page 86
Will of James Blankenship
To son Drury, the plantation he lives on, also he is to pay L5 for
planationI live on. To daughter Ann, a
heifer.To son Joell, all my land on Spring Branch, joining Robert
Man and Francis Man, and items. To
youngest son Fore, the plantation I live on. To wife Mary, the rest
of estate during widowhood, and she
is to be executor. Dated 30 Agust 1748 Wit: Daniel Man, John Man,
John Ward Recorded April 1749
1750, Chesterfield Co., VA, "Court of May 4. 1750
Inventory of James Blankenship, returned, The inventory taken of his
estateapparently   was not done
correctly so the Court returned it to be redone and resubmitted."
From Don Blankenship db-email@earthlink.net
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Ralph Blankenship, Sr. - Martha

Ralph Blankenship, Sr. was born at Cumbria, England 1662.

He married Martha Abt 1690 at VA . Martha was born at Abt 1660 .

They were the parents of 5 children:
William Blankenship born Abt 1691.
Richard Blankenship born Abt 1693.
Ralph Blankenship, Jr. born Abt 1695.
John Blankenship born 1697.
James Blankenship born Abt 1699.

Ralph Blankenship, Sr. died 1714 at Roxdale Estate, Henrico, Virginia .