Abt 1714
of Gravesend, Kent, England
Abt 1740
of North Carolina
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Abt 1716
of North Carolina
Abt 1741
of North Carolina
Nathaniel MULLINS
Abt 1743
of North Carolina
Abt 1745
of North Carolina
Abt 1755
of Bute, North Carolina
3 Feb 1841
Hancock, Georgia
23 Jan 1783
Franklin, North Carolina 
                   Historical information included in notes.

Malone "Lone"2 MULLINS (Thomas1)1 was born Bet. 1754 - 1756 in Bute County (now Franklin County), North Carolina2, and died Feb 03, 1841 in Hancock County, GA3. He married Elizabeth (Mullins) Jan 23, 1783 in Franklin Co., NC4. She was born Bet. 1760 - 1761 in NC, and died Aug 03, 1854 in Hancock County, GA.
Notes for Malone "Lone" MULLINS:
1840 Hancock County census list his age as between 80-90, as well as his wife's. He also states on the census form that he is 86 years old, and that he is a military pensioner. He also had 6 slaves. There are no other family members listed. His birth year from the census would be 1754.
In the 1830 Census of Hancock County, GA, he lists his age as 70-80. Also living with him is an older man age 40-50 with his wife and all female children. One would suspect that it was Harvey Mullins, his son and their family:
Pg. 160 Line 25 Mullins Malone 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 + 3 slaves.
On February 4, 1832, Malone appeared in Hancock County, GA claiming Revolutionary War service. He stated that "he enlisted in the army of the United States for 2 and 1/2 years in the year 1776 with Capt. Wm. Brinkley of Halifax County, in the County of Bute and served in the third regiment of the North Carolina line under the following named officers: Daniel under Capt. Wm. Brinkley; Benj. Williamson under Col. William Alston of Halafax, NC inside Bute County NC. He entered service about the last of April as _____ 1776. (He actually entered service 27 April, 1776). Named his discharge from Col. Patten at Gen. Washington's camp, was at the battle of Moumouth that he served out his full term of service, that he has not his discharge having placed in the hands of Robert Goodlow in 1784 and has never seen it since. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity, except for the present, and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state."
In his application he states that he is 76 years old. This would give him a birth year of 1756.
On June 24, 1833, he was awarded a pension of $80.00 per year, with an amount of $240 paid.
In the North Carolina records, Melone Mullen was paid on July 25, 1783 for services as soldiers in the NC Continental Line.
In the records of North Carolina solders of the American Revolution: Recorded on October 16, 1783: Milond (aka Malone) Mullins, private was entitled to 228 acres for 30 months' service. It was deeded to Robert Goodloe. See item above under 11/28/1998 entry.
In addition Malone Mullins sells, Franklin County Deed Book 9, pg. 72, on November 26, 1792 to Robert Goodloe of Granville County, NC land (no amount) in Davidson County, TN. Witness: Clement Mullens. Malone was recorded as living in Green County, Georgia. How did Malone own land in Tennessee in 1792?
In 1834 Malone Mullins joined the Island Creek Baptist Church in Hancock, County, GA.
In the 1805 land lottery "Loan" Mullins received 2 draws in Hancock County. Also in the 1807 land lottery Malone Mullins received 2 draws. He did not receive any land in the 1807 lottery. In 1820 he again received a draw and was picked #221 and was granted land in Early County of which he did not take possession and it reverted back to the State.
More About Malone "Lone" MULLINS:
Census 1: 1830, Hancock County, GA
Census 2: 1840, Hancock County, GA
Deed Records: Nov 16, 1792, Deeded property in Davidson County, TN to Robert Goodloe of Granville County, NC5
Land Grant: 1798, Received 300 acres on the Oconee River, Greene County, GA6
Land Lottery 1: 1805, 1st Georgia Land Lottery7
Land Lottery 2: 1820, 3rd Georgia Land Lottery8
Moved To: 1784, Georgia
Probate: Mar 01, 1841, Will Probated, Hancock County, GA
Read & Write: 1792, Signed Deed
Tax List 1: 1787, Wilkes County (future Warren Co), GA
Tax List 2: 1789, Paid taxes in Green County, Georgia
Tax List 3: 1794, Paid taxes in Hancock County, Georgia
Tax List 4: 1796, Paid taxes in Hancock County, Georgia9
Tax List 5: 1802, Paid taxes in Hancock County, Georgia
Tax List 6: 1804, Paid taxes in Hancock County, Georgia10
Will: Oct 26, 1840, Wrote will, Hancock County, GA
Notes for Elizabeth (Mullins):
Elizabeth Mullins joined the Island Creek Baptist Church in 1828. She was on the roll of the church as far back as 1801.
On the 1850 census for Hancock County, GA, pg12b, 104th District:
12 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth 89 F 800 N.C.
13 168 172 Mullins Ailsey 58 F Ga
14 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth W. 48 F Ga
More About Elizabeth (Mullins):
Census: 1850, Hancock County, GA
Children of Malone MULLINS and Elizabeth (Mullins) are:
2 i. Claborn/Clavam3 MULLINS, born Jul 19, 1784 in GA.
+ 3 ii. Cloah MULLINS, born Jan 16, 1786 in Washington Co., ? GA; died 1860 in AL.
+ 4 iii. Harvey "Henry" MULLINS, born Oct 30, 1788 in Georgia; died 1873 in Greene County, GA.
5 iv. Alsey Ann MULLINS11, born Mar 21, 1791 in Georgia.
Notes for Alsey Ann MULLINS:
On the 1850 census for Hancock County, GA, pg12b, 104th District:
12 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth 89 F 800 N.C.
13 168 172 Mullins Ailsey 58 F Ga
14 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth W. 48 F Ga
More About Alsey Ann MULLINS:
Census: 1850, Hancock County, GA
6 v. Dred MULLINS, born Aug 20, 1794 in Hancock County, GA.
+ 7 vi. Martha "Patsey" MULLINS, born Feb 11, 1797 in Georgia; died Aft. 1866 in Covington County, Alabama.
+ 8 vii. Burkley/Barkley MULLINS, born Mar 16, 1800 in Georgia.
9 viii. Elizabeth W. "Betsy" MULLINS12, born Sep 08, 1802 in GA; died Jan 16, 1855 in Greene County, GA.
Notes for Elizabeth W. "Betsy" MULLINS:
On the 1850 census for Hancock County, GA, pg12b, 104th District:
12 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth 89 F 800 N.C.
13 168 172 Mullins Ailsey 58 F Ga
14 168 172 Mullins Elizabeth W. 48 F Ga
Generation No. 2
3. Cloah3 MULLINS (Malone "Lone"2, Thomas1) was born Jan 16, 1786 in Washington Co., ? GA, and died 1860 in AL. She married (1) John GANDY. He was born Abt. 1780 in NC, and died Bef. 1860 in AL. She married (2) James FAIL. He died Bef. Oct 10, 1803 in Hancock County, Georgia.
Notes for Cloah MULLINS:
From the Farmer's Gazette of Friday, October 28, 1803, Vol 1, No. 17 (abstracted by Faye Stone Poss):
"Hancock County. By Miles Greene, Clerk of the Court of Ordinary for said County. Whereas Chloe Fail and Malone Mullins has applied to me for letters of administration on the Estate of James Fail, late of this county dec.
"These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of said deceased to be and appear at my office within the time allowed by law to shew cause if any they can why said letters should not be granted.
"Given under my hadn at Office, this 10th of October, 1803. Myles Greene, C.C.O"
From the Farmers Gazette of Friday, January 6, 1804, Vol 1, No.27 (abstracted by Faye Stone Poss):
"Will be Sold. On Saturday the 18th day of February next, at the plantation whereon James Fail formerly lived, all the personal property of James Fail, deceased, consisting of Negroes, Horses, Cattle, & Hogs, Household and Kitchen Furnature, &c, &c. The Crop of Corn, Fodder, and Cotton. Terms will be made known on the day of sale. Chloe Fail, Adm'x. Malone Mullins, Adm. January 6th, 1804.
My interpretation of this is that Chloe's first husband is deceased and she is ready to get married and wants the value of the property of her late husband.
Children of Cloah MULLINS and John GANDY are:
10 i. Elizabeth4 GANDY. She married James A. JONES Sep 13, 1832 in Bibb Co., AL.
+ 11 ii. Harvey M. GANDY I, born in Georgia; died 1847 in Bibb County, Alabama.
12 iii. Mary R. GANDY. She married William D. McGEE Jan 10, 1843 in Bibb Co., AL.
13 iv. Cloah H. GANDY. She married Leroy FLANAGAN Dec 27, 1847 in Bibb Co., AL.
14 v. Hardy R. GANDY. He married Martha HICKS Sep 30, 1841 in Bibb Co., AL.
15 vi. Martha H. GANDY. She married William S. MITCHELL Dec 04, 1848 in Bibb Co., AL.
16 vii. Wiley Robert GANDY, born 1803. He married (1) Sarah A. MARTIN Jul 09, 1835 in Perry Co., AL. He married (2) Elizabeth C. GIBBS Jan 21, 1847 in Perry Co., AL.
17 viii. Thomas H. GANDY, born Abt. 1807. He married Permelia PEARSON Mar 03, 1844 in Perry Co., AL.
18 ix. Daniel Ross GANDY, born Abt. 1809. He married Nancy EVANS Oct 09, 1830 in Perry Co., AL.
+ 19 x. Henry H. GANDY, born 1818 in GA; died Bet. 1880 - 1900 in Chilton Co., AL ?.
20 xi. Sylvania GANDY, born Abt. 1828 in AL. She married Peter PEARSON Nov 16, 1851 in Bibb Co., AL.
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Thomas Mullins - Anne Clement

Thomas Mullins was born at of Gravesend, Kent, England Abt 1714. His parents were Edward Mullins and Margaret Manley.

He married Anne Clement Abt 1740 at of North Carolina . Anne Clement was born at of North Carolina Abt 1716 .

They were the parents of 4 children:
Thomas Mullins born Abt 1741.
Nathaniel Mullins born Abt 1743.
Bud Mullins born Abt 1745.
Malone Mullins born Abt 1755.