Charles M THROOP

23 Dec 1841
Platte, Missouri
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Missouri Marriages, 1766-1983
                   The Lonesome Dove Story
In 1844 a large group of people left Platt County, Missouri to make anew life for themselves in the Republic of Texas. This particular group of pioneers settled in the "Crosstimbers" area, now the Grapevine-Southlake vicinity.The trail was dangerous and hard. There were floodedstreams, Indians, and other hazards which caused many to turn back. However, the one who persevered came to settle in this area and carve acivilization out of the wilderness. The pioneers began to meet in different homes for worship. Others were coming to settle in the area, many from Missouri. Soon there were enough for the founding of a church.On the third Saturday of February, 1846, the band met at the log cabin home of Charles Throop. There they formed the Lonesome Dove BaptistChurch. At the time of its founding there were no other churches within many miles, and no other evangelical church between the Dove and the Pacific Ocean. People began to meet at the Lonesome Dove Church, many walking for many miles. Because of the dangers of the frontier theybrought their guns for protection.
The names of the charter members were:
John A. Freeman, moderator
Hall Medlin, clerk
Nancy (Harris) Freeman
Mary (Medlin) Anderson
Susanah (Medlin) Foster (Jimmie Ellen Byas's great grandmother0
Lucinda (Foster) Throop (Jimmie Ellen Byas's grandmother)
Mary Ann (Foster) Leonard
Felix Mullikan
Rachel (Foster) Mullikan
Henry Suggs
Saleta (Foster) Suggs
Henry Atkinson.
The next day, Sunday the church had ten new members, and by the end of 1846, there were forty members. The same week the church was organized the flag of the Republic of Texas was taken down from the capital in Austin, and Texas officially became the twenty-eight state in the Union. For a time the church met in what is now Grapevine. Then in the fall of 1847 a building was erected at the present site. Some time later this building was replaced with another. The second building burnedin March of 1930. A building of the same dimensions and on the same ground was built which now serves as the church youth building.
'Trek To Texas 1770-1870' Written by Pearl Foster (O'donnell). It waspublished in 1966 and is currently out of print. This book is an attempt to Chronicle the history of the Foster family and their migration from Missouri to Grapevine (Tarrant County), Texas. Although it focuses on them, there are many other families documented in this book. Oneof them is the Throop family. The first mention of the Throops startswith Lucinda Catherine Foster (b. 1814 d. just prior to 1870), who married Charles M. Throop (son of Francis and Hannah Throop) on 12/21/1841. Note from the book: "A grandaughter, Tan Byas Henderson, recalls that Chas. Throop went to Louisiana on a trip to freight back supplies and died with cholera in Louisiana as several or all the men with him.He was buried there because of the difficulty in bringing him back inthose days." The trip to Louisiana by Charles was stated to be around1850.
Charles and Lucinda had 2 children. James M. Throop (b. 10/4/1845 d. 3/14/1881 married Flora Melissa Dunn) and Dizanna Catherine "Kate" Throop (b. 5/12/1848 d. 2/6/1915 married William Ross Byas). All (with the exception of Charles Throop) are buried in the Lonesome Dove Cemetery located next to the famous Lonesome Dove Baptist Church in what is now Southlake, Texas.

This Family Tree is a work in progress.  I am confident of the accuracy of the tree back to 1800.  For dates prior to 1800 I am relying on the research of others, and I cannot vouch for accuracy of the information.
Lucinda Catherine FOSTER
Bedford, Tennessee
Tarrant, Texas
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Missouri Marriages, 1766-1983
                   Lucinda was born in Tennessee, moved to Missouri as a young girl, wasmarried in Missouri and moved to Texas with the Peters Colony, her parents, parents in law and extended family in 1844.  She married Charles Throop in 1841.  Her children were born in Tarrant County.  In the 1850 Tarrant County census, Lucinda?s son James, is shown as being born in Texas in 1844 or 1845.  That means she was pregnant when they made the wagon trip in 1844 from north of Kansas City to Tarrant County.  Charles reportedly died in Louisiana in 1850 at the age of 34. Lucinda and her two children are listed as living in the household with her mother, Susannah Medlin Foster in the 1850 Tarrant County Census.  In 1851 Charles' heirs received a patent of land when he moved his young family to Texas.  They had a house in 1846 because the organizational meeting of Lonesome Dove Baptist Church took place at their house.Why they were not living on that farm in 1850 is unknown.

Engraving on marker in front of Lonesome Dove Baptist Church, South Lake, Texas

Minutes preserved 1846-1968. Organized Feb. 1846 in Chas. & Lucinda Throop's home 3 mi. east by 12 Baptists. Joined the next day by 11 Baptists. Eld. J. Hodge, Deacon James Gibson formed the presbytery. 1st building at this site 1847.  When elected Eld. John Freeman, who had served as teacher and part-time preacher since 1846. He served as permanent pastor 1847-1857. In adjoining cemetery rest many Tarrant County pioneers, several among 1st elected officials when it was organized in 1850.
Hall Medlin - Clerk   	Maryann (Foster) Leonard
John Freeman - Moderator    Felix Mullikin
Nancy (Harris) Freeman   	Rachel Foster Mullikin
Mary Medlin Anderson   	Henry Suggs
Susannah (Medlin) Foster     Saleta (Foster) Suggs
Lucinda (Foster) Throop	Henry Atkinson

This Family Tree is a work in progress.  I am confident of the accuracy of the tree back to 1800.  For dates prior to 1800 I am relying on the research of others, and I cannot vouch for accuracy of the information.
12 May 1848
Tarrant County, Texas
6 Feb 1915
Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas
                   It has always been a Byas-Heffington family story that Jimmie Ellen Byas's mother, Dizanna Catherine (Kate) Throop (pronounced "Troop"), was the first white girl (non Indian) born in Tarrant County.  The Missouri group of the Peters' Colony moved to the Grapevine, Texas area about 1845.  Tarrant County was formed out of Navarro County in 1849.  An inspection of the 1850 census of Tarrant County shows that many of the children were listed as being born in Texas.  Kate was only 2.  Her brother, James was 5.  Both were listed as being born in Texas.  Sixty children were listed as having been born in Texas.  Some were as old as 10 and 12.  Several girls, including one named Texana Lane, werelisted as being born in Texas.  Assuming that the 10 and 12 year old children were born in Nacgodoches or some where south of Tarrant County, it is possible that James was the first colonist child born in the Grapevine area and Texana was the first girl.  So, it was not Great Great Grandmother Kate, but Great Great Granduncle James that possibly was the first white child born in what is now Tarrant County.  In any case, great Great Great Grandmother Lucinda Foster Throop made a long wagon trip from north of Kansas City, Missouri to Texas while she was pregnant.  A brave pioneer woman.

1880 United States Federal Census Record
about Anna C. Byas
Name:				Anna C. Byas
Age:				32
Estimated birth year:			abt 1848
Birthplace:			Texas
Occupation:			Keeping House
Relationship to head-of-household:	Wife
Home in 1880:			Comanche, Texas
Marital status:			Married
Race:				White
Gender:				Female
Spouse's name:			William R. Byas
Father's birthplace:			MO
Mother's birthplace:			TN

Kate, listed as C Throop was 21 living with brother James in the 1870Tarrant County Census.  Her mother Lucinda Foster Throop Mahan who had married Thomas Mahan after Charles Throop died was apparently dead before 1870.

This Family Tree is a work in progress.  I am confident of the accuracy of the tree back to 1800.  For dates prior to 1800 I am relying on the research of others, and I cannot vouch for accuracy of the information.
4 Oct 1845
Tarrant County, Texas
14 Mar 1881
Tarrant County, Texas
Tarrant County, Texas 
                   James M. Throop
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James M. Throop was a Confederate veteran who was a native Tarrant Countian, one of only a
handful of old soldiers who could claim the title. He lies buried in Lonesome Dove Cemetery.
James was born October 14, 1845 in Navarro County, Texas, in the areawhich later became Tarrant
County. He was the son of two members of the Missouri Colony in northeast Tarrant County,
Charles Throop and his wife, Lucinda (Foster) Throop. James appears in the 1850 Tarrant County
census living with his widowed mother in the family of his maternal grandmother, Susannah Foster,
in the Grapevine area.
Jamess father, Charles Throop, died in or shortly before 1850 in Shreveport, Louisiana while on a
trip with several other men from this area. They had taken parts of their crops to trade for supplies,
and while there several were stricken with a malarial fever and died.It was impossible to return his
body to Tarrant County for burial.
James was a Confederate soldier in Co. A, 34th Texas Cavalry, as weremany other men from
northeast Tarrant County. No specific details about his service have survived in the National
James was married to Flora M. Dunn of the Pleasant Run Community in present-day Colleyville.
They had seven children: Hiram Monroe Throop July 31, 1868-March 4, 1900, married Lydia Jane
Jackson); Julia May Throop (born about 1870, married Gaines Blevins);Dolly Ray Throop (married
Will R. Buckner); Annie Day Throop (married Lucratus Allen Foster), Fannie Kay Throop (October
14, 1875-April 26, 1891); William Hardy Throop (November 7, 1877-June27, 1963, married
Minnie Evaline Ragsdale), and Byron Throop (1880-1901).
James M. Throop died in northeast Tarrant County on March 14, 1881. He lies buried at Lonesome
Dove, surrounded by many members of his extended family.

This Family Tree is a work in progress.  I am confident of the accuracy of the tree back to 1800.  For dates prior to 1800 I am relying on the research of others, and I cannot vouch for accuracy of the information.
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Charles M Throop - Lucinda Catherine Foster

Charles M Throop was born at MO 1816.

He married Lucinda Catherine Foster 23 Dec 1841 at Platte, Missouri . Lucinda Catherine Foster was born at Bedford, Tennessee 1814 daughter of Ambrose Foster and Susanah Medlin .

They were the parents of 2 children:
Dizanna Catherine Throop born 12 May 1848.
James M Throop born 4 Oct 1845.

Charles M Throop died 1850 at LA .

Lucinda Catherine Foster died 1870 at Tarrant, Texas .