Robert GRAY

13 Jul 1847
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
9 Nov 1899
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
17 Feb 1876
Shetland, Scotland
   BIRTH: Par Reg (F Scot 6 pt 5)
   MARRIAGE: registrars office in Scalloway
   DEATH: from the Shetland Times edition of 18 Nov 1899
   BURIED: Tingwall Churchyard, Shetland Scot.
   CORR:   Walter Mowat, Braehead, Scalloway, Shetland, Scot. in the 1950s
OCCUPATION: Seaman in 1881 census dwelling -  East Ha
                             Resided in Lerwick until 1880 then moved to  East Ha, Scalloway

   From the Shetland Times Re: The Late Robert Gray - There are few people who
   knew Robert Gray, Scalloway, master of the ill-fated Lerwick schooner,
   Bohemian Girl, but will learn of his untimely end with regret.  He came of a
   race of sailors.  His father also - Robert Gray - sailed skipper of the Prince
   of Wales, and other traders of a former generation, for many years, and was
   well know throughout the whole of Shetland.  Robert Gray was born at Scott's
   Ha' Scalloway in 1847.--- when very young he took to the sea going coasting
   with his father when only 13 years of age.
       He was involved in his early days in the Faroe cod fishing then took up
   sailing in overseas ships.  He was sailing for sometime on board the North
   of Scotland Company's steamers.
PERSONALITY: Kind-hearted and cheerful with that sunny kind of nature that
   always looks at the bright side of things and laughs the frowns away.
In all circumstances he was always found with a cheery word and a bright smile,
and those who put his friendship to the test found it to be to that steadfast
kind that nothing alters.  In his home he was everything a loving husband and
kind father could be, and now that that home is darkened by the shadow of death,
   the inmates have at least the satisfaction of knowing that the sympathy of the
entire community is with them.
BURIAL: On Monday, the remains were conveyed to their last resting place in the
Tingwall Churchyard.
Cecilia IRVINE
31 Jan 1847
Midgarth, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
7 Jan 1919
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
   DEATH:  8 Jan 1919 also is recorded
   CORR: with Walter James Gray son of Robert and Cecilia Gray when living
        at 198 Coobreeze Ave., Lakeside, Montreal 33,  Que.  (1965)
   Birth Place was given by Irvine Gray of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
   NAMES: Cecilia was known by Mam Ceelie and Auntie Ceelie and was universally
          loved in her community.
   OCCUPATION: raising 5 children and always availbable when neighbours were in
          difficulties. Her husband was almost a stranger to his children, so
          frequently on lengthy voyages. Walter mentions on one occasion his
          mother had gone to sell hosiery in Lerwick and had left young Ceelie,
          then about 18 months old, and himself 3 and 1/2  in charge of his older
          sister, Maggie.  Without warning a beared man carrying a large bag on
          his shoulder arrived at the door and after hugging and kissing Maggie
          advanced towards Ceelie and me, who both fled in terror, hollering our
          peerie heads off.  We younsters hadn't the faintest idea who the
          strange man was.
19 Dec 1876
Lerwick, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland
29 Jun 1954
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
17 Sep 1901
Garthspool, Lerwick, Shetland, 
   CORR: with son, Robert Gray and his wife Clara Evens of Fairview, Halifax, N.S.
19 Oct 1878
Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland
7 Jan 1952
21 Feb 1907
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, 
   CORR: with Mrs George Cowie, 70 Mirabel Ave. San Francisco, Cal.
         with Walter James Gray and his wife Joan Barbara Taylor
         of 198 Coolbreeze Ave, Lakeside, Montreal 33 Que.
         Walter is a brother to Margaret Isabella Gray
27 Nov 1880
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
12 Nov 1968
San Francisco, California
4 Jul 1905
Vancouver, British Columbia, C 
   CORR: with Barbara herself and her sister Cecilia (Irvine Gray) Cowie 1965
   DEATH: from her sister by corrospondence on 9 Jan 1969 when she lived at
          70 Mirabel Ave.. San Francisco

   1. Barbara came to 1905 Via Canada where she stayed for a few months.
   2. Her last address was 436 Arlington St. SanFrancisco Cal. where she probably
17 Aug 1883
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
24 Apr 1972
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   1. From Cecilia Cowie  while she lived at 70 Mirabel Ave., SanFrancisco
      Cecilia is a sister to Mary Williamson

      MARRIAGE: first to Cyril King and then to Frederick A. Stubbs
                Frederick died in 1951
      DEATH: Mary was buried at Burnsland Cemetary in the Calgary area as that is
             where she was living when she died
      OCCUPATION: Mary was a linquist and played the fiddle and piano
                  At one point she was a receptionist in Banff Springs Hotel.
14 Oct 1885
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
18 Dec 1970
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
28 Jan 1914
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 
   BIRTH: From Walter himself when he lived at 198 Coolbreeze Ave. Lakeside,
          Montreal 33 Que.
   MARRIAGE:from Walter and from his book "The Life Story of an Old Shetlander"
   DEATH: of Walter from Mary Grace (Cromarty) Johnson of Lerwick (29 Dec 1970)
          (note: Mary has his death recorded as of the 19th of Dec)

   OCCUPATION: was Scalloway's post man and telegraph messenger for a while.
               Towards the end of 1903 Walter took radio Operator training
   with Marconi International Marine Communication Company and pioneered a lot
   of firsts with radio off the East coast of Canada. Among many interesting
   things that came his way in pioneering with Marconi Walter ended up at Cape
   Race, Newfoundland 11 Oct 1911.  He would be now handling messages from and
   to ships.  The W/T Station was situated on the extreme S.E. Tip of
   Newfoundland, adjacent to a prominant lighhouse  and fog alarm.  It was while
   he was stationed  at Cape Race and was officer in charge that he became
   involved a few weeks later in the greatest marine tragedy in history, the
   sinking of the "Titanic".
              Quoting form Walter's Book: "My operator friend Philips, who had
   been the last to bid me goodbye when I embarked on the Empress of Britain,
   on coming to Canada, was now serving on the S.S "Oceanic" and I made a point
   of saying "How Do" to him when his ship was in communication with Cape Race
   During our brief chat restrictions of these liberties were not nearly so
   severe then as they became later - he informed me that he was booked to join
   the grand new ship "Titanic" as chief wireless operator on her maiden voyage.
   Naturally, as the day approached which would bring the ship within range of
Cape Race, we kept an unsually sharp lookout for her.  After all, not only was
she the wonder ship of the age, with every known safety device incorporated,
until she was regarded as unsinkable, but we also had a monetary interest in
the fact that with a large number of world-famous passengers on board there was
bound to be a heavy exchange of private messages which, of course meant revenue
for our station.
              Communication was extablished early on Sunday, April 14th, and, as
anticipated, there were many messages on hand for transmission to us.  At this
time the ship was upwards of 700 miles S.S.E. of us, a much greatet-than-
averge range in those days.  That evening I took a trick between 8-9 p.m. and
after clearing thirty-five messages from the ship, held brief conversation with
Philips.  He emphasised the magnificence of the vessel, the wonderful group of
passengers and the good time being had by all. Later in the evening the second
operator called out "Mr Gray the Titanic has struck an iceburg and is calling
C.Q.D.  I immediately dropped what I was doing and ran to the operating room.
Donning the headpones,  I heard Philips call for help using both distress
calls,  C.Q.D. and the newly-introduced S.O.S.  His call included the ship's
position in Latitude and longitude, weather conditions, and the story of
striking the berg. When he ceased, I called the "Titanic" and enquired whether
I could assist in any way.  Philips thanked me and asked me to stand by.
             Meantime, more than one ship had heard the call and were ingaging
Philips in communication.  Philips had contacted quite a number of ships with
a number of them changing course to come to the Titanic's assistance.
            Of course, it must be remembered that in the early stages, no one
quite realized the gravity of the situation and that for an hour or more there
was no thought of the ship sinking, for was not the "Titanic" an unsinkable
ship?  Perhaps the master and his officers knew differently, but elsewhere it
was not recognised.   It was only when Phiiips announced at 2 a.m. "we are now
sinking slowly by the head, putting women and children off in boats, weather
remains clear and calm", that the horror gripped.
            A short time after 2:00 a.m. a very week distorted signal was heard
and the "Virginian" being much closer picked up what they thought was Philips
voice trying te get a message out and that was the last word from the radio
operator, Philips.
6 Oct 1887
Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland
7 Jun 1975
San Mateo, California
20 Sep 1921
San Francisco, California 
   1. From Cecilia herself while she lived at 70 Mirabel Ave., SanFrancisco 1958

   She came directly to SanFrancisco in 1920 from Shetland
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Robert Gray - Cecilia Irvine

Robert Gray was born at Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland 13 Jul 1847. His parents were Robert Gray and Mary Williamson.

He married Cecilia Irvine 17 Feb 1876 at Shetland, Scotland . Cecilia Irvine was born at Midgarth, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland 31 Jan 1847 daughter of John Irvine and Barbara Goudie .

They were the parents of 6 children:
Robert Cecil Gray born 19 Dec 1876.
Margaret Isabella Gray born 19 Oct 1878.
Barbara Ann Gray born 27 Nov 1880.
Mary Williamson Gray born 17 Aug 1883.
Walter James Gray born 14 Oct 1885.
Cecilia Irvine Gray born 6 Oct 1887.

Robert Gray died 9 Nov 1899 at Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland .

Cecilia Irvine died 7 Jan 1919 at Scalloway, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland .