Johan Valetine STOBER

11 May 1712
Staffort, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
14 Jan 1778
Cocalico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
Jan 1778
Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
18 Jan 1742/43
Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
Stover/Stober Genealogy
                   [ [List 45 A] A List of ye men that are Pallatine Passengers from Sixteen years and upwards on Board the Snow Molly, John Howell, Master, from Dover. [Qualified September 10, 1737.]

      * Valentine Stober
      * Valentine Stober, Junr
      * Jacob Stober
      * Hans Jonas Ryffel
      * Frederick Ryffel
      * Christiper Grooman
      * John Albert Shaller
      * John George Albert
      * George Shaller
      * John Leonard Willfort
      * Nicholas Cochelrise
      * George Simon Christ
      * Hans Michael Hartlyn
      * George Fredarick Wollenweber
      * Micael Hartlyn
      * John Winter
      * Philip Godfriet Munk
      * Jacob Meyer
      * John Jacop Kayer
      * John Philip Kratzer
      * Valentine Rolevere
      * Christiper Gommer
      * Hans Gommer
      * Philip Adam Endler
      * John Rytzman
      * Christiper Shakey
      * Jacop Shaft
      * Philip Jacop Shaft
      * Freadarick Horn
      * Peter Hane]]
      * John Martin Frelich

PURSUANT to an order of this Court made the fourth Day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine The Sheriff of the County of Lancaster, to wit, Joseph Work, Esquire returns the said order with an Inquisition thereto annexed taken upon the Oath & Affirmations of twelve good and lawful men of the Bailiwick of the same Sheriff, who upon their Oaths and Affirmations respectively do say that they have viewed a certain Plantation and Tract of Patented Land containing one hundred and ninety Acres and the usual Allowances of six Acres P Cent for Roads and Highways and also another Tract of Warranted Land containing One hundred Acres and the Allowance aforesaid both situate in Cocalico Township aforesiad in Lancaster County afsd, in Lancaster County and that they find the said two Tracts of Land with the Appurtenances cannot be divided to and amongst the Widow and Children of Valentine Stover, deceased without injury to and spoiling of the whole and that the said two tracts of Land with the Appurtenances (being the same in the said order mentioned) are worth and of the Value of Six thousand pounds, lawful money of Pennsylvania at and for which said sum they the said Inquest upon their
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Oaths and Affirmations aforesaid respectively do Value and appraise the same; which Inquisition being read the same is affirmed and Approved of by the Court And on Motion in Behalf of William Stover eldest Son of the said deceased who is willing and desirous to Accept the said Two Tracts of Land with the Appurtenances at the Valuation and Appraisement aforesaid and praying that the same may be confirmed to him agreeable to the Acts of Assembly of this State in such Case made and provided
IT IS CONSIDERED and ordered by the Court that the said William Stover do on paying or securing to be paid unto the Widow and Children of the said deceased their several and respective [illegible] in the said Premises According to the Valuation and Appraisal aforesaid within the Term of one Year hold and enjoy the said Two Tracts of Land and Premises with their Appurtenanances in Fee According to the directions of the Acts of Assembly in such Case made and provided And the Court directs the distribution of the said Valuation Money as follows, to wit:-Ordered that the said William Stover his Heirs or Assigns holding the Premises do pay unto Eva Elizabeth Widow and Relict of the said deceased the sum of One hundred and twenty Pounds Yearly and every year for and Lieu and in full Satisfaction of her Dower or thirds in the Premises at Common Law out of a principal Sum of two thousand pounds which sum is to be and remain charged on the premises and at her Death is to be distributed to and amongst the Children of the said deceased and thier legal Representatives agreeable to Law and that the remaining sum of four thousand pounds be paid and distributed or secured to be paid within one year as aforesaid
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Paid in manner following, to wit:-
That the said William Stover retain for his own share______L. 800.00..0
That he pay to Valentine Stover______400.00..0
That he pay to Leonard Miller & Marg. his Wife______400.00..0
To Barbara Miller, Leonard Miller & John Miller, Children of Christian Miller by Catherine his Late Wife______400.00..0
To Christian Miller & Barbara his Wife______400.00..0
To Frederick Stover______400.00..0
To John Stover______400.00..0
To George Stover______400.00..0
To Christian Stover______400.00..0
And Finally it is ordered that the Costs and Charges arising on the Valuation and Confirmation of the said Estate to the said William Stover be equally borne by all the Parties concerned.

THE COURT by and with the Consent of all the Parties interested Appoints Emanuel Carpenter, Junr., Abraham Forney and Henry Bare to Value the Rents of the Plantation of Valentine Stover deceased in the Possession of William Stover from the 20th Day of March last to this Time, and make Report to the next Court.
Eva Elizabetha BEYER
29 Sep 1725
22 Jan 1787
Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
Jan 1787
Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
25 Jun 1750
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
9 Dec 1774
Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa
30 Nov 1767
Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvan 
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
25 Feb 1834
Centre, Pennsylvania, Usa
20 May 1784
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa 
9 Nov 1843
Captain John Jones, Colonel Peter Grubb, Lancaster County Militia
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Johan Valetine Stober - Eva Elizabetha Beyer

Johan Valetine Stober was born at Staffort, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany 11 May 1712. His parents were Johann Valentin Stober and Anna Eva Barbara Bauer.

He married Eva Elizabetha Beyer 18 Jan 1742/43 at Warwick, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa . Eva Elizabetha Beyer was born at 29 Sep 1725 .

They were the parents of 2 children:
Catharine Stober born 25 Jun 1750.
Valentine Stober born 1757.

Johan Valetine Stober died 14 Jan 1778 at Cocalico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa .

Eva Elizabetha Beyer died 22 Jan 1787 at Brickerville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Usa .