23 May 1703
Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut
13 Apr 1777
Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Abt Apr 1777
22 Jun 1757
                   Source includes, but is not limited to:
History of Day, Austin and Root.
Captain Nathaniel AUSTIN came to Sheffield, Massachusetts fromSuffield,
Connecticut. He came with his cousin, Anthony AUSTIN. The family wasprominent
in Suffield, Connecticut, where he Grandfather Anthony AUSTIN,Sr. wasTown
Clerk for many years. In Sheffield, Nathaniel was one of the leadingmen of
the town.
In the year 1944, there was still standing in the town, a house, therear part
of which was built by Nathaniel AUSTIN. The front part was laterbuilt by an
ensign. In 1726, he took title to his father's property in Suffield
Nathaniel AUSTIN was an early settler of Sheffield, Massachusetts. Heand his
cousin Anthony AUSTIN were appointed on a committee for building ameeting
house at the first town meeting of Sheffield, held on 16 JAN 1733. Heheld the
title of Lieutenant at the time of the death of his first wife on 02OCT 1754.
Later, in Town Records, he is listed as a Captain.
Captain AUSTIN was an active PATRIOT in the American Revolution. Thisis shown
by the folowing: He was a Delegate from Suffield to the BerkshireCounty
Convention (Massachusetts) in 1774. It was convened at Stockbridge
(Massachusetts) on 06 JULY 1774. It was this Convention (or Congress)that
advised the inhabitants of the County of Berkshire to adopt the
non-consumption of British manufactured goods.
He was a member of the committee that made the report to the TownMeeting held
on 18 JUNE 1776, upon the adoption of which, the inhabitants resolvedto take
up arms.
State of Connecticut-County of Hartford; Nathaniel Austin of Suffieldand
County of Hartford, Private in Captain Jonathan Wadsworth ConnecticutRegiment
of Militia commanded by Colonel Thaddeus Cook at Stillwater in theState of
New York, disabled in the service of United States. On Pension Rollsof the
State of Connecticut as invalid pensioner, 20 MARCH 1810. The Battleof
Stillwater was on or about 19 SEPT 1777.
Sources include, but are not limited to:
Records of the Town of Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts,L:214.
History of the County of Berkshire, Massachusetts (1829), pages114-118.
SOURCE:  GEDCOM posted by Robert Thomas Reed, Sr., on America Online's
Genealogy Forum 20 July 1998.
BIRTH SOURCE International Genealogical Index (IGI)
                   SOURCE:  GEDCOM posted by Robert Thomas Reed, Sr., on America Online's
Genealogy Forum 20 July 1998.
Sarah is shown as a widow with the surname BIRD. This is probablyher
MARRIED NAME and not her actual surname. Needs more research, (JFN,1995).
No Children Recorded
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Nathaniel Austin, Captain Us. Revolutionary War - Blocked

Nathaniel Austin, Captain Us. Revolutionary War was born at Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut 23 May 1703. His parents were Nathaniel Austin, Medical Doctor and Abigail Hovey.

He married Blocked 22 Jun 1757 .

Nathaniel Austin, Captain Us. Revolutionary War died 13 Apr 1777 at Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts .