14 Apr 1679
Calvert co, Md, Usa
                   or 1625

or 9 May

The Will of Dr. John PEERCE, Sr.

In ye Name of God Amen I John Peerce of Calvert County in ye Province of Maryland Chirurgion being sickly in Boddy but of sound & perfect memory God be praised doe Ordaine this my last Will & Testamt in manner & forme following Item I Bequeath my soule into ye hands of Almighty God my maker & his Sonne Jesus Christ my Redemer, by Body to be buried decently by my Exr-- ALL my worldly goods stock cattle Hoggs with a Tract of Land Lying & bounding upon ye lands of Col. Thomas Taillors in Potapsco River as by ye Pattent will more plainly appeare so alsoe my Plantation at Harvi Towne with all ye houses thereunto belonging , I Give & Bequeath unto my Dutiful Sonne John Peerce to him & his heires forever; my will is that whren my man George Hodgson shall have served out his time and being carefull in disposeing & Putting of my Medicines for the use & Benefitt of my sonne John Peerce I will that my sonne Give unto ye said George Hodgson at ye expiration of his time tenn # worth of Medicines, all my servants goods & Horses with all my Estate Reall & Personall I Give & Bequeath unto my sonne John Peerce to him & his heires for ever only my watch & my Ringe upon my fingers I give & Bequeath to my daughter Martha Peerce now residing in England. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale this fourteenth day of April 1679.

John Peerce Sealed

Robert Lee
Thomas Impey

9 May 1697 This will was proved by ye Oath of Robert Lee
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPhillip Calvert

[Wills, Liber 10, ff. 15-16, Hall of Records, Annapolis]
From "Maryland and Virginia Colonials , Genealogies of Some Colonial Families", Sharon Dolinate (1990, Genealoogical Publishing Company)

Dr. John Peerce (c.1625-c.1679) f/o Capt. John Peerce
From Archives of Maryland: Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1667 75.
[Petition of Pascatoways.] Liber A. M. July 20th 1670/

Came Monatquund Speaker of Piscattoway Unnacawsey
Mappassanough Councillors of Piscattoway to Philip Calvert and William Cabvert Esqrs deputy Lieutenants of this Province of Maryland And said they came to revive the League between the said Pascattoway Indians and the English and first in the name of the Boys, next in the name of the elder Persons that they might eat drink Sleep and play in quiet, the women, in like manner, desire the peace, acknowledging the Lord Proprietary for their Lord and Protector, next the old men desire it that they may sleep by their wives quietly and take their Tobacco: that they had not long presented any thing and that now they came to keep in memory the peace that now they are reduced to a small Number and therefore they cannot present any thing Considerable, Lastly from the miserable Poor they desire that hereafter when their Nation may be reduced to nothing perhaps they may not be Scorned and chased out of our Protection To which was answered by the deputy Lieutenants that as they desired to Continue in Amity with us so did we Assure them that we should not break the Articles made & Confirm'd by Act of Assembly between the Lord Proprietary and them and that we do hope they will be mindful and wary to preserve every of the said Articles and that so long we should not scorn or Cast of the meanest of them Was then moved by the Deputy Lieutenants to have the Indian that stroke Benjamin Price delivered there being a Great doubt that the said Price died of the Blow to which they replied that Price died not of the Blow but was in health twenty days after and that the said Price was swimming and diving in the presence of Mr Chandlers Children at Port Tobacco and came out of the water sick of an Ague and vomited and of the said sickness died whereupon the Deputy
Lieutenants desired to speak with the Emperor the last day of October together with his Council at St Marys To which the Speaker answered the Emperor was at the Sasquehanoughs and that it was not in his Power to promise that he should come but for Clearing the Business desired the head might be Searched Whereupon it is Ordered that John Stansley and John Peerce Chyuirgeons do view the head upon monday the Eighth of August and that Monatquund be present and that the Chyuirgeons Certify what their opinions are touching the death of the said Price.

Maryland Archives: Provincial Court Proceedings, 1666.
Know all men by these prsents That I John Peerce Chirurgion of the good shipe called the Aduenture of Hull haue Assigned Ordained and made and in my steed and place put and Constituted my Trusty and Wellbeloued freinde Richard Collett of Saquesakannagh point in Petuxent riuer to be my true and law full Attorney for me and in my name and to my use to aske sue for leuy require recouer and receiue of all and euery person and persons whatsoeuer all and euery such debts as are due unto mee or which att any day or dayes time or times hereafter shall be due Oweing belonging or appertaining unto me by any manner of wayes or meanes whatsoeuer giuing and granting unto my said Attorney by the tenor of these prsents my full & whole power strength and Authority in and about the premisses And upon the Receipt of any such debts as aforesaid to glue acquittances or other discharges for me and in my name, to make seale an deliuer and all and euery other Act & Acts thing or things deuice or deuices in the law whatsoeuer needfull and necessary to be done in or about the prmisses for the recouery of any such debts as aforesaid for me and in my name to doe Execute and per forme as fully largely and amply in euery respect to all intents Construccons and purposes as I my selfe might or could doe if I were prsonally prsent, rattifying allowing and holding firme and stable whatsoeuer my said Attorney shall lawfully doe or Cause to be done in or about the Execucon of the same, by uertue of these prsents in wittnes whereof I haue hereunto sett my hand and seale this 11th day of Aprill 1666 John Peerce (seald)
Signed sealed & deliuered
In the prsence of Us The foregoing power was at the Wifi Willett request & instance of both partyes the marke of desired it may be Recorded
Rob: Bayley mee Daniel Jenifer

Maryland Archives:
Provincial Court Proceedings, 1670
Know all men by these presents That Wee John Peerce of the County of Calvert Chirurgeon and John Anderton of the County of Talbott Gent are holden and firmly bound unto William Calvert of the County of St Maries Esq his heirs or assignes in the full and just summe of twenty thousand pounds of good sound merchantable tobacco and to be paid to the said William Calvert or to his centaine Attorny his executors administrators or assignes To which payment well and truly to be made wee bind Us and either of Us by Our selves for the whole and in the whole Our and every of Our heirs executors admrs & assignes and every of them firmly by these presents sealed with our seales Dated the sixtenth in the xxxviiith yeare of the Dominion of Caecilius &c Annoq Doth 1670.
The Condition of this Obligation is such that if the abovebounden John Peence and John Anderton their heirs or assignes or either or any of them doe and shall from time to time and at all times well and truly appeare and make satisfaction for all and singular the goods and Chattells now in the hands of Raymond Stapelfort which shall appeare to be the goods of Richard Meekins and Johannah his wife or either of them if the heirs of Richard Miller doe come and lay claime to the same and likewise save and keepe harmlesse and undampnifled the abovenamed William Calvert his heirs or assignes for delivering the same That then this present Obligation to be void or else to remaine in full force power and virtue
Signed sealed and delivered John Peerce (seale)
in the prsence of John Anderton (seale)
Thomas Notcy
Tho: Brooke

Maryland Archives - INTRODUCTION
The casual mention in the Maryland records of this period of a number of men who were styled physicians or chirurgeons does not necessarily imply that many of them had had a real professional training. In addition to Morecroft, Tilghman, Champ, and Stansby already mentioned, we find mention of a number of others. In 1666 John Peerce was called "Chirurgeon of the good ship called the Adventure of Hull" England, and a few years later is mentioned as of Talbot County, and is styled either "Dr." or "Chirurgeon" (pp. 84-85, 374, 552).

14th Apr., 1679 - 9th May, 1679. Will of John PEERCE of Calvert Co., MD. To dau. Martha PEERCE, in Eng., personalty. Son John, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including land on Patapsco R. (by patent) and plantation. Test: Robt. LEE, Thos. IMPEY. (10. 15. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

23 Aug 1679 MD Prerogative Courts. Inventory. 6.402. Calvert County. John PEERCE (chyrurgeon [surgeon]). Inventory contains a list of medicines. Appraisers: Thomas SPRIGG, And. ABINGTON. Executor: John PEERCE. (Skinner...)
Abt 1650
England, United Kingdom
Jun 1687
Prince Georgeƕs co, Md, Usa
16 Mar 1677
                   or Mar 1700 or 1701

Capt. John Peerce (c.1650-c.1687/1699). Maryland Archives:Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1676 1678: Ordered that there be a Comission granted unto Leivtenant John Peerce to be Capt of the Guard of the house at Mattapenny Sewall and that he have six horsemen and two files of ffoott under his Comand with a Sergeant and a Corporall, which said Comission issued the fifth day of this instant August.
Ordered that Capt Henry Darnall be desired to Suffer John Peerce his Leivtenant to take Out of his troop six such horse as he shall like off, to Guard his Lordships house at Mattapenny Sewell, untill further Order from the Deputy Leivtenant & Councell

Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1676_1678. 18th August 1676:
Ordered that Capt John Peerce be allowed Out of the publique for provisions and drinke to the Souldiers under his Comand at Mattapeny Garrison the summe of tenn pounds of tobacco p day for each Souldier, and the said Capt Peerce to give accomodations to Coasters as Occasion shall require.
Abt 1648
England, United Kingdom
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John Peerce - Blocked

John Peerce was born at 1600.

He married Blocked .

They were the parents of 2 children:
John Peerce born Abt 1650.
Martha Peerce born Abt 1648.

John Peerce died 14 Apr 1679 at Calvert co, Md, Usa .