Charles Caldwell HEDGES

6 Aug 1673
New Castle, New Castle co, De, Usa
                   Charles HEDGES (1673-1743) was the son of William HEDGES who died 1679 in
New Castle County, Delaware, and his wife Mary. Charles' wife was Elizabeth who is not named in the will so it is assumed she died before 1743. The name Hedges is spelled with two g's but will use only one.
Furnished by Dorothy Shoop (1992)
Written October 12,1743
Probated November 8, 1743
Estate No. 865
Chester County,Pennsylvania
In The Name of God Amen. I, Charles HEDGES of Londonderry Township and
County of Chester and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being sick and weak of body, yet of perfect mind, memory do make this my last Will and Testament. And principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God in hope it may be precious in His sight. And likewise I recommend my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same by the Almighty Power of God. As for my worldly Substance with which God hath blessed me, I dispose of in manner following.
I give unto my well beloved son Andrew HEDGES the sum of fifty pounds good
and current money of Pennsylvania, and that which is in his hands of the Gold
shall be part of the fifty pounds received in part of the purchase of my place sold last whereupon my son had lived. Moreover I give and bequeath to my son Andrew HEDGES over and above the aforesaid sium of fifty pounds current money aforesaid to receive the same for the first payment due for the place sold by me. And also eight cattle young and old to take back to his new place. And also I leave and bequeath unto my son Andrew HEDGES the one half of all my other chattels besides.
Item: I leave and bequeath unto my son John HEDGES or his heirs the sum of
sixteen pounds current money of Pennsylvania. And also the half of all my
Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph HEDGES the sum of Sixteen
Pounds Current money of Pennsylvania.
Item: I give unto my daughter Mary BISHOP the sum of sixteen pounds current money as above said.
Item: I give unto my son Peter HEDGES the sum of Ten pounds current money as above said.
Item: I give and order to be delivered unto my son John HEDGES, oldest son
(Charles) one young mare a year old last spring.
Item: I give and bequeath unto Ezekial HEDGES son to Peter HEDGES a mare of year old.
It is to be observed that above named legacies are to be paid in proportion to the receiving of the money due the estate of the abovesaid Charles HEDGES by Joab Preston which above payment is well and timely to be made on the fifteeth day of May in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Five and in proportion till the whole legacies be discharged.
I likewise constitute and appoint my son John HEDGES and Andrew HEDGES my
true and Lawfull executors of this my Last Will and Testament of all my my
Lands and Tenements, whatsoever, Rectifying and confirming this my last Will
and Testament and no other. In Witness thereof I hereby set unto it my hand and seal the Twelfth Day of October in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Three.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Christopher SPRINGER,
William CLENEAY (?), & John GORDON
Signed Charles HEDGES with his mark (a C) and his seal.
The above will was in probate on November 8, 1743 when the above witnesses
testified under oath that they were present at the time of making of will.
An inventory of the Goods of Charles Hedges:
A white mare and a year old colt 3:10:0
An old bay horse and saddle 3: 0:0
one young bay horse at 4:10:0
one old bald horse at 3: 0:0
one brown cow with white on her back 2:10:0
one speckled cow at 2:10:0
one pair of handmill stones 0:10:0
A parcel of tools 0:15:0
one anvil and big hammer 0:15:0
Two sets of hough irons (hog) 1: 0:0
Traces and Hams 0:11:0
Three old wheels 0: 3:0
Two old chests 0: 7:0
A parcel of wooden trenchers, peals, heelers,
broken pewter and one tanker 0:12:0
Seven harrow teeth 0: 1:8
one earthen crock and tub 0: 1:0
Three pots one little skillet and chair 1:10:0
Wheat in the yeard (yard or ear?) 6: 0:0
Rye and Barley 1: 5:0
one servant boy prized at 10: 0:0
This follows with a sentence which is not readable and the date Seventh Day of November 1743
Abt 1708
New Castle, New Castle co, De, Usa
Abt 1729
                   William Hedges (1708-1742)
Prince George County, Maryland
August 11, 1742 (Written)
January 29, 1743 (Probated)
To my wife Ann, Life Int. in real estate and 1/3 personal estate.
To son Joseph, residue of estate.
To my two daughters L15 to paid them when Joseph is of age.
To unborn child, if son one half real estate, if daughter L15.
Ex.__________ Test: Robert Baker.
Abt 1709
Abt 1711
Abt 1713
Abt 1715
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Charles Caldwell Hedges - Blocked

Charles Caldwell Hedges was born at New Castle, New Castle co, De, Usa 6 Aug 1673. His parents were William Hedges and Mary Caldwell.

He married Blocked .

They were the parents of 6 children:
William Hedges born Abt 1708.
John Hedges born Abt 1709.
Andrew Hedges born Abt 1711.
Joseph Hedges born Abt 1713.
Mary Hedges born Abt 1715.
Peter Hedges born 1719.