Who can visit my Website?
As soon as your website is up you can start inviting family members. You, as the owner and an administrator, can give each of them editing rights. Family members can then upload photos and histories, add comments and stories to photos, and invite other family members.

You can also give view only rights to visitors. This allows them to view the content of the site but not change or add to it.

Your site will have a unique url, for example: www.familycentral.net/family/smith_john
You can use this url in printed invitations, such as newsletters or fliers at a family reunion.

Those visiting the site through this method will need to log in or register in order to gain access. Newly registered users will have view only rights until an administrator upgrades their rights.

If you designate your site as Private users will need to request access from you (through a simple online form) to access the site.