How does a FamilyCentral Website work?
Family websites are typically built around a specific family in your database Your grandparents, for example, would make a site that is relevant to your siblings, aunts and uncles, and first cousins on that side of your family.

As you might imagine, you could easily create 2 to 8 or more websites from one data file.

Family websites are quickly created from a template. You then have access to these features:

Family Histories

You can upload histories, journals, or scanned images and link them to individuals in your database.

Family Photos and Videos

These items can also be added to your website and linked to individuals in your database.

Family History Data

Once you have uploaded your data file, you simply select the main family for this website. You can then view pedigrees, family group pages, individual pages, and much more. From each individual you will be able to view photos and histories that are linked to him/her.

Home Page

You can easily add images and text to your Home Page to customize it for your family.