Can I update my data from home?
Your original data file is stored in the Cloud in the PAF format. You and other authorized family members can check out the data file, edit it from home, and check it back in. You can easily drag and drop this file to your FamilyCentral website and update your online database instantly.

You can download a free version of Ancestral Quest™ to edit your PAF file. You can also use Personal Ancestral File.

If you are currently using another genealogy application you can use a gedcom file to transfer your information into Ancestral Quest™ and save it in the PAF format.

Why PAF?
Using files in the PAF format with Ancestral Quest™ allows us to give you the fastest online response times. It also allows you to:
  • Maintain control over your own records
  • Share a common file with family members
  • Edit your file quickly and easily from home
  • Link individuals in your database to FamilySearch FamilyTree
  • Allow family members to check out the data file for editing
  • Easily upload your updated file again and again.